I want to Fuck You

Look I want to fuck you

Don’t want to make love to you 

No I don’t wanna whisper anything into your ear that doesn’t relate to the thrusting motion my hips seem to be doing to yours 

I dont want to hold you for hours reminiscing about life and love, nope I simply want to fuck you,

I want the curve of your hips to fit perfectly with my pelvis and your hands to grab tightly onto mine, I want the sole of your feet to line up perfectly with the arch in my back,

I don’t wanna hear any words that don’t correlate to “fuck me” or “harder” , no I simply want to fuck you…

Till your breathing so hard that you lack capability to form full sentences,

And that I can literally feel the hot air leaving our bodies and making that 10degree weather into 90degree sessions of straight fucking,

I don’t wanna hear you tell me how it feels, rather see how it feels from the gyration that your body constantly goes into,

I simply want to fuck you,

I want to bend you so deeply that your back arches into a groove remisant of the grand canyon,

I want to fuck you,

So that the hinges on the bed begin to quiver each time I pull a stroke,

And when I’m done Fucking you….

I want you to Fuck Me